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Digitized Productivity Solutions

Efficiency should not be a burden for either Individuals or teams!

Mneme is a revolutionary corporate productivity platform aimed at estimations, and productivity tracking of IT technology teams leading to smarter tracking of efficiency and man-hour monitoring. The Mneme platform is made up of,

  • Mneme – A bottom up tool that can be used by Developers to estimate individual tasks and commit to PM systems such as Jira, Trello and other Be-spoke tools.
  • Top Down Analytics – A top down analytics platform that can then feed into Project Estimation, Resource Allocations and Project Costing while predicting contingencies
  • Mneme Dashboards  – A system for Project Managers to track performance of teams (both Agile and otherwise)

Mneme is built using an ML-based model. The model is patent applied and is supported by a knowledge base of task information and associated attributes.

Estimation as a Service

Advancing business with Estimation as a Service (EaaS)

Kornerstone Analytics provides digitized performance solutions and data analytics for IT service providers. In addition we provide Estimation as a Service (EaaS) to IT vendors and Service providers.

Estimation as a Service (Eaas) is a model to deliver Estimates of size, cost and effort for IT projects and services across all sizes and technologies. Kornerstone Analytics supports independent bidding assessments by providing  cost estimates and schedule contingencies.

We provide IT service providers with reliable data and associated data analytics to track performance and use digitized solutions.

About Us

Kornerstone Analytics provides Digitized performance solutions and data analytics for IT service providers. In addition we provide Estimation as a Service (EaaS) to IT vendors and Service providers.

@ Kornerstone Analytics we believe in simplifying the process; enable historic data for benchmarks; provide individual performance trends to create a self-motivating environment within the organization.

Whether you are introducing sizing or managing your development costs we can help you win! We analyse data and provide insights which are hard to ignore.

We help you deliver on cost and improve productivity.


Our Mneme Platform has been a fore runner in many Business competitions.

  • Adjudged as one of the Top 5 startups in a national event called ‘Thrive 30’
  • Part of the top 300 startups chosen at the National Level
  • Kornerstone Analytics was one of 120 startups showcased @NASSCOM Product Conclave, Bangalore
  • Head start Kick start East zone qualifiers
  • Winning the 'Women Startup of the year” at the Aeonian event at Mumbai gave Kornerstone & Mneme the wings to fly

The Mneme platform has been winning accolades in its early trials One customer says ‘Mneme micromanages without any manager watching over you’.



  • Efficiency should not be a burden!
  • Enabling individuals and organizations into being more efficient by providing services and apps to estimate reliably and outperform.


  • We are passionate about helping individuals and teams use data and process to generate sharp analytics
  • We enable calibrated and collaborative data access
  • We strive to build an intuitive app with a usage story and integration with enterprise tools
  • Our focus is a motivated workplace built on simplicity

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